Thursday, September 29, 2011


This past week in class I have been able to go over many things I have previously learned being a sociology major. It was funny to me because I was able to see that the family is everything, it can be related to literally everything, especially the things that we learn in school. Being a senior, I am done with all of my major classes and now I am starting on my minor. I am glad I did do it this way because I have learned all of the theories in my sociology classes that we are now talking about in family relations. In sociology we related the theories to juvenile delinquents, what and how things went wrong, and why they happened,  not the family. I am very excited to learn things from this perspective, looking at the theories and how they pertain to the family. The exchange theory and family systems theory we discussed on Wednesday were a great review. I am excited to see perspectives that I have already learned turned related to the family.

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  1. I am not a sociology major, but I definitely have a similar experience in this class, as well as other family classes - the family is such a fundamental basis for everything. It's really neat that so much stems from family and also that it effects so much, itself.