Monday, September 26, 2011

Thoughts on the family...

This past week of class has been very interesting and has caused me to reflect on many things. One day we had a discussion about the meaning of families, and why our society is so interested in doing various research on different aspets of "The Family." Many comments were said, but one that stuck out to me began to explain the world's description of the family. For example, in society today we don't have a set definition of what family is, it keeps getting broader. A group of friends can now be considered a fmaily. Members of gangs call their gang a "Family." On the opposing side of the spectrum, those who we actually share blood with have shunned someone because of some incident that happened thirteen years ago at Grandma's cousin's birthday party, that we ourselves didn't even attend. Family is special, and very important. Why don't we strive to do more to protect our family members and our family name? Society gives us the okay to do otherwise. Children are growing up with both parents working, in their eyes they don't see the importance of parents and all they do. During class I came to the realization that it is up to us to act in accordance with the very important things we teach our children from a very young age.
Family is central to the Lord's plan. Once we have recognized this we will be able to see countless blessings being given to us simply because we have a family.

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